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  2. Vladimir Gorshkov @volodoscope

    Hello MacBook air!

  3. C @cwalk

    Its an Ultrabook, every company has one now. Its like when there were no laptops, then one came out, and every company had one. Not necessarily copying, its called evolving.

  4. Paul Kim @ICdeadPixels

    Need we say more? HP chairman photographed using MacBook Air. http://bit.ly/sdbndw

  5. Y.M.C.M.B333 @luxoryS333

    I got it,the design is awesome better than macbook air in my option,batery life good for me, 5-7 hours,good for gaming and i like back-light keyboard i gave product 4,9 stars, the problem is :EXPENSIVE, but still its awesome

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HP Envy Spectre XT Ultrabook

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