Here's the most original and artistic costum-made roller shade. Unique design handmade painted especially for you on request.

Handcrafted product made in Spain. Premium quality. Fireproof white polyscreen.


Choosing the dimensions range

In order to purchase your roller shade correctly, measure your window and choose a range.

Example to choose the range correctly: If your window is width: 58"x height: 90", you have to select W56-70"xH70-100" range. This is the range for all dimensions from 56 to 70 inches width and from 70 to 100 inches high


Choosing the chain position:

Write down "Right" or "Left" at Checkout "Optional note to seller" field.


Roller shade Measures:

Write down exact roller shade measures (Width x Height) at Checkout "Optional note to seller" field.


Don't forget to write down at Checkout "Optional note to seller" field:

  • Chain position (right or left)
  • Roller shade Measures (width x height exact measures)


Note: Printing will be always the same size. So that, minimum height measure for this article is 70". Our printing team will provide the distances between the drawings to make them as similar to the picture and not lose the aesthetic essence.


For special measures, please, contact us, we'll help you to purchase the order correctly.



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  • October 26, 2015 - October 30, 2015
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  2. Abelardo @abelardo2737

    Very nice, but sometimes people just overvalue the mos simple of things

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