Sunglasses with absolutely no downside at all, not only are they a marvellously in-yer-face fashion statement, these snazzy specs boast charitable goals - with 10% of all sales going to Cancer Research.

DLN Shades are spectacular in every way, shape and form.

Big, bold and beautiful - these shades also feature mirrored lenses and belting, extravagant color combos - the shades are blacklight (UV) reactive and feature a foldable visor.

Why exactly would you need a foldable visor?

  • Reasons related to napping
  • A sudden thunderstorm strikes and you don’t want your nose to get wet
  • You want to make people jealous
  • You’re looking to accessorize like a God
  • You’re intelligent enough not to settle for normal, visorless and therefore inferior sunglasses
  • A little more swag never hurt anyone
  • You want to keep the sun out of your eyes
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$20 · Yellow & Red Novelty Flip Up Visor Sunglasses

Fancy 217
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