Hamee successively launched this fun toy by a crowd-funding campaign and it's not hard to see why there was the demand.

The brilliantly fun and quirky R2-D2 Talking Fridge Gadget works a bit like the bestselling Fridgeezoo series of refrigerator characters and will be an intergalactic addition to your kitchen. 

Every time you open your refrigerator door the mini R2-D2 will spins its head and make those iconic droid noises we love from the Star Wars movies. 

It is fitted with a light sensor and an action button so you can turn on the noises and make the droid flash its lights whenever you want.

The realistically designed R2-D2 even knows when the fridge door has been left open too long and sounds an alert to remind you to close it.

The R2-D2 Talking Fridge Gadget features:

  • Light sensor
  • Head spins
  • Iconic droid noises
  • Light: red blue
  • Power: batteries
  • Instructions: Japanese
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$78 · R2-D2 Talking Fridge Gadget

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