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- Compatible with Macbook/Macbook Pro 13", 13.3", 15", 15.4" and 17"
- Perfectly fits your keyboard with printed letters on the buttons
- Ultra slim silicone cover; only 0.5mm thick
- Soft and smooth to touch
- Reduces key noise for quiet environments
- Protects your Macbook from dust and stains
- Washable with warm water and mild soap
Please allow 10 days for shipping.
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  2. Christina Taylor @christina_xoxo

    I definitely have this in pink. It helps protect the keyboard stopping dust get under the keys : )

  3. Fancy Yancey @FancyYancey

    not that ugly to me.. in fact think its pretty unique

  4. Luisa Ambros Costa @luambros

    dont like the color but the skin idea

  5. prismatic reflective tape @toptend

    I first saw the green of the keyboard, the color is very bright, very beautiful, I like it. 3M 3430

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$15 · MacBook Keyboard Skin Yellow

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