This black over-sized t-shirt is a multifunctional and unisex item which can be worn as a top, overall, hood or a dress even.

Its stretchy quality material and innovative cut are making this top playful and original garment at any occasion.

The collection  has been inspired by a woman whom I got to know when I was lucky enough to work with her a few years ago. This inspiration was Pina Bausch, an extraordinary human being and a legend. But also a woman. Strong, yet vulnerable, dominant yet introverted too; a woman who found love and beauty in the most ordinary things. When I saw oddness she saw mystique. An artist who praised imperfection above perfection. My memory of her is the main inspiration for this collection. I wanted to create a collection that would reflect this energy and vision in every piece. To remind one that vulnerability can be an advantage unto itself and that strength doesn't always come from dominance, but rather from one's personality. That perfection is only an illusion.

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  • February 9, 2016 - February 15, 2016
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  2. Lisa Wachter @nd2nc

    Maybe that's how I should start greeting visitors. If that doesn't get attention, I'll just pull my shirt over my head (pic 3)

  3. Juan Hernandez @juanjosehrnandz

    this girl has 6 toes ppl

  4. charliekae @charliekae

    Can't stop looking at her toes.

  5. Brian @googlyeyes

    Who the f stands that way

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$145 · Variable Black T-Shirt

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