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Wellington Mejia

  1. Observatory House by Tatiana Bilbao Graham V Smith Elizabeth Anne Williams Michelle Izzobelle Asadoria Slate Alexis Ferguson Share & Lists
  2. The Canopy Tower @ Hong Kong Dani Russin Picture Keeper Scott Hawes candy miller Jade Woodman Share & Lists
  3. Darling Point Apartment by Stanic Harding Tamara Nickerson Ira Jean Murray saman ARTPICS Izzobelle Asadoria Slate Share & Lists
  4. Skateboard House by PAS Cédric saman Viktor De Boi Matteo Deschilder Miguel Deshilder Share & Lists
  5. Casa Finisterra by Rees Roberts francois Cemil Zaal saman soufyane maldiz Shen Share & Lists
  6. Devoto Swimming Pool by Andres Remy Adelina Kristine Christensen Nate Gowins Troy York Le jailbreak de Baptiste Share & Lists
  7. Suspended Staircase by SoHo Architecture Claudio Aurore Plas Ivan Paz Danielle Ortner 이구아나 Share & Lists
  8. Elevator Room by OMA mimi w Baba Mamadou Kane Alex Dörr Teresa Ferreira October 23 Share & Lists
  9. Story Pool House by Lake|Flato Architects Phillip Sulke saman LS Ky Lee Lalo Chavarria Share & Lists
  10. The Cube Office Corinne Gibson Kim Denzler Ruturaj Desai Gabriela Nascimento homelava Share & Lists
  11. Long Studio by Saunders Architecture Andrew Tam a3 lobna2016 Aybüke Gündaş Charlie Share & Lists
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